Updated January 20, 2009

Welcome to the book area. Here I'll provide information on some of the many books and field guides on the market today, and provide discount purchasing links to them at whenever available. Please feel free to e-mail comments about any of the books listed, or to let me know about others you might be aware of. I'll be happy to publish your comments, as this is a great way for others to find out about available resources. Most book sales will help contribute to the cost of running the DCLS web site. When you link from the DCLS site to Amazon, DCLS will bet a small portion of all sales (whether books or other items) made from that link. We will try to keep current book prices on the list, but Amazon does change them from time to time so check the price when you link to one of the books.

Below I have listed a few field guides and other items that I think are good ones to have. If you have any other suggestions, want to send me a review of any of them, or have ANY other comments, please e-mail me. I want this page to be convenient and USEFUL!

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Moths (U.S.) Moths (WORLD)Photography
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