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Empress Leilia (Asterocampa leilia)





Caterpillar HostplantsSpiny Hackberry (Celtis pallida), which is not normally found in North Texas (nor is this butterfly) is the reported host. It is unknown if other species of Hackberry are also hosts.
Area Sighting
Records exist for Tarrant County.
Seasonal Flight DataA stray, not to be expected in our area. .
General NotesThis species looks superficially very much like the Hackberry Emperor. However, it can be distiguished in the following ways: 1) A richer, reddish coloring on the dorsal surface; 2) the two solid bars on the costa of the forewing, and; 3) the two eyespots on the forewing (Hackberry Emperor - Asterocampa celtis celtis - only has one, although the subspecies Asterocampa celtis antonia does have two.)

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