Dallas County Lepidopterists' Society
Meeting Pics



December 9, 2006
Christmas luncheon at J. and Wanda Rubrechts


November 11, 2006
Museum of Nature and Science, Dallas, TX



October 14, 2006
Butterflies Unlimited, Glenn Heights, TX

The drought breaks with rainfall....on a DCLS fieldtrip, naturally.


September 9, 2006
Lake Lewisville, Lewisville, TX


August -- Canceled due to extreme heat and drought.


July 8, 2006
Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area



June 10, 2006
The rescheduled trip to LBJ Grasslands
We had more people when it was canceled in April.


May 13, 2006
Norbuck Park, Dallas, TX


April 8, 2006
LBJ Grasslands, Decatur (Wise Co.), TX

Even though the meeting was officially canceled due to bad weather, we had a good turnout.



March 11, 2006
Mountain View College, Dallas, TX


February 11, 2006
Annual Seed Exchange



January 14, 2006
How To Start and Maintain a Butterfly Collection