This page is designed to be a quick reference for anyone looking for a place to purchase insects or collecting equipment. Many of these companies have on-line catalogs, or would be happy to send a catalog to you in the mail if you will call and ask them. Please let me know about other resources that I have missed, so that they may be included here for the benefit of other collectors. Also, if you would like to leave feedback on any of the suppliers (good or bad), that would be helpful as well.

DCLS is not affiliated with any of the suppliers.

 Updated December 5, 2005


2321 E. Gladwick Street
Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220-6209

tel: 310-667-8800
fax: 310-667-8808

Bio Quip is the standard supplier for most people. They deliver your order quickly and usually have what you need in stock. So far their on-site catalog in unusable, but they do have a workable on-line order form.

Blue Spruce Scientific Supply
5455 Spine Road, Suite C
Boulder, CO 80301 USA

800 Phone: 800-825-8522
Denver Metro Phone: 303-688-3396
Fax: 303-527-2916

Carolina Biological Supply Company
2700 York Road
Burlington, NC 27215

Customer Service
800-334-5551 (U.S.)
336-584-0381 (International)

800-222-7112 (U.S.)
336-584-7686 (International)

Combined Scientific Supply
A source for papered specimens. Email them for their huge catalog.

Access their online catalog (much smaller selection than in the printed catalog)

Connecticut Valley Biological Supply Co.
P.O. Box 326
Southampton, MA 01073

(Collecting & storage equipment; supplies etc)

The Insect Company
(Dried specimens)

NASCO West, Inc.
P.O. Box 3837
Modesto, CA 95353
Phone: 209-529-6957

(boxes, drawers, equipment & supplies etc)

Ward's Natural Science Establishment
P.O. Box 92912
Rochester, NY 14692-9012

Phone: 716-359-2502

(all kinds of supplies)

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